After having finished my MSc studies in Electrical Engineering on the topic of optical detection of surface discharges, I worked for NKF Cable for 1.5 years. An extensive study was made on the effect of different types of inclusions on the life of XLPE cable. Subsequently I was asked by professor Kreuger to return to the University as an assistant professor High Voltage Engineering. In the context of my PhD research work, the focus was on partial discharge mechanisms in solid dielectrics and their effect on insulation deterioration. In the early nineties, the start was made of a number of studies on partial discharge, (and later space charge) in dc insulation systems. In the late nineties, my position changed to associate professor and the research focus changed to space charge behavior and measurement in HVDC systems. A considerable amount of attention was paid to the space charge dynamics at interfaces between dielectrics. In the new millennium attention was shifted to “green”, high performance gaseous, liquid and solid insulation systems and energy conversion systems (wind, wave). Nanocomposites, nanofluids and electro-active polymers are now key elements of research. All research projects were/are performed in close cooperation with industrial and scientific partners from all over the world.